сряда, 25 юни 2014 г.

Ice Queen" or "FROZEN"

The reason I started with beads was the prom of my daughter in 2012. Beads have become my passion and my life changed completely . This is my first participation in ВOTВ and I'm very excited.
The Necklace is called " Ice Queen" or "FROZEN"
I recently watched the movie "FROZEN", which impressed me with it's beautiful music , animation and pictures. This necklace is inspired from it. Imagine the fountain , she freezes , imagine the palace she builds . These beautiful moments impressed me and I tried to recreate them in my necklace . I hope I succeeded .
Time craftsmanship 185 hours
Length of the front 21 cm
Neck length 45 cm and 6 cm extension
Technique: embroidery, peyote, flat spiral
Fotograf: www.Kehayov.com – Gogo Kehayov
Model: Monika Karanedeva